Thursday, June 23, 2011


I apologize....All has been quiet on the blog front because I've been working on my new book about self-taught Southern artist Helen LaFrance. The book is in collaboration with Bruce Shelton, who introduced me to Helen almost 20 years ago. The book will be entitled (Re)Membrances: the Folk Art of Helen LaFrance, and I'm very psyched!

But I did want to tell you about a fantastic web site and service my friend Peter Clifton has called A 25-year publishing veteran, he really knows what he's doing, especially in the e-marketplace. FiledBy lists every single book that's ever been printed, and you can even go and buy the books there as well. It is the most comprehensive directory of author and contributor sites anywhere. It’s also a place for authors, photographers, illustrators, artists and editors to showcase themselves and their work, a place for readers to search and discover new books and a place for everyone to connect and discuss one of my greatest interests with the exception of art and antiques----books! FiledBy's aim is to help authors market themselves effectively online and they can be found and linked through a single search engine to maximize their web presence.

Readers can use FiledBy to search for authors and their work, access exclusive content posted by registered authors, learn more about favorite authors, leave comments for other readers and authors, rate and review and receive updates when authors post new content or about upcoming events like book signings and such.

Who knew? Evidently lots of people, but now you do too!