Sunday, June 2, 2019


I was very pleased to take part in a new documentary on contemporary American artist Helen LaFrance, shot by Andrew Spence and produced by Martin Scott Grissom of Three Palms Productions, just before her 99th birthday in 2018. I first met Helen in 1994 on her farm in rural western Kentucky and wrote about her in a chapter of Outsider Art of the South and later in Helen LaFrance Folk Art Memories.

Helen is best known for her memory paintings, recollections of her life laid down on canvas and board, which strike an emotional chord with those who view them. Helen also did wood carvings, quilted, and painted a series of visionary paintings based on the Bible. She has been creating art since she was a child and began painting full time when she was in her forties using art supplies she purchased from the grocery store.

In this film, Helen's artistry is again recognized. But this documentary revisits Helen in a new light as a modern woman as well.

Have a look.

And if the link does not seem live, please copy and paste the link below in your web browser and it will take you to what I'm sure you'll enjoy seeing!