Sunday, October 9, 2011

Working on HELEN LAFRANCE book

After a brief and unexpected delay, I'm back on the throttle working on my new book, which is going to be titled
Helen LaFrance
Folk Art Memories.
Bruce Shelton and I are collaborating on the book and things are starting to fall into place. Helen is a self-taught, Southern African American artist best known for her memory paintings, but she is multi-talented and quilted, carved wooden sculptures and dolls, and did a series of visionary Biblical paintings as well. She is featured with a chapter in my book Outsider Art of the South, which is published as Kathy Moses by Schiffer (see above).

Have chosen the painting for the book jacket and working with a great layout person, Gwyn Snider. Waiting on all but a few photographs, need to then number and caption all of them and drop them into place. I'll post the cover design as soon as it's ready. Very psyched!